What Our Clients Say About Us

“Agilis brings new ideas and additional insights based on their knowledge and industry contact base to provide constructive challenges and stimulate strategic debate. Agilis enabled us to find value and solutions that we would not have found without their help.”

Fred Harrison, Senior Standards Manager, Telefonica & Former Chairman of the Board, Open Mobile Alliance

“The Agilis Team was instrumental in helping the Bi-Rite Family of Businesses articulate a brand vision and core value statement. Without their passion, commitment and deep engagement, we would still be struggling with our identity and not be where we are today.

Sam Mogannam, Bi-Rite Market


Agilis offers cutomized services to match the right message with the right audience, using the best
channel and format to effectively achieve your communications goals. Whether you need to differentiate a
new product from a competitor’s offering, explain the unique value of your own products and services, or
just create a production line for high quality content, Agilis can help you develop and execute your
strategic and tactical plans.

Strategic Positioning

Strategic Positioning is a key component of successful communication. Agilis believes that a core set of key messages must be used consistently across all content distributed internally and externally in order for a company, a product or an organization to succeed. We work collaboratively with our clients to establish these key messages—whether launching something new, re-launching with a new look and feel, or starting a targeted campaign around a specific product or initiative. If you are seeking a consistent organizational message, Agilis can help you:

  • Understand where your product or organization fits in the wider landscape of competitors or similar operational models
  • Define current issues and solutions or redefine emerging trends and opportunities
  • Develop key messages for use across your communications materials and activities

Specific Strategic Services

  • Agilis collaborates with product and marketing teams to draft and define primary messages—from new software and technology, to targeted public awareness campaigns, event promotion and product differentiation
  • Agilis creates customized seminars and workshops for leadership teams to define top line messages that map strategic goals to communications goals and tactical plans
  • Agilis’ leadership team collaborates across your organization to develop strategic communications goals and create an achievable tactical communications plan

Content Production

Agilis believes this is where the rubber meets the road. With a solid knowledge of your business and your
offerings, we help you create the most effective and comprehensive content to deliver your messages. We

  • Diligence and vigilance in the management of your message and your image
  • Help choosing the right vehicles to communicate your message
  • Commitment to consistent and relevant messages for each audience and opportunity where you spend your time and resources
  • Rich, accurate and intelligent content from a highly qualified production team

Content Production – Design and Format

  • The Agilis portfolio includes technical briefs, graphics, annual reports, brochure ware and Web design created with the user in mind
  • Agilis understands how to craft a well-written narrative that incorporates the messages that differentiate your products and services
  • The Agilis digital content portfolio includes video shorts, broadcast and You Tube quality video, audio podcasts and customized application programming

Media Relations and Communications

Agilis holds relationships with journalists and industry leaders around the globe and across multiple
disciplines. From the creation of media lists to the execution of media, analyst and industry relations
campaigns, our primary concern is to find highly relevant contacts that will understand the impact and
relevance of our clients.

Agilis manages all aspects of your external communications program. Our expertis is the identification of
the right targets and managing your outreach.

Create editorial calendars across a wide variety of media.

  • Secure bylines and editorial placements
  • Craft pitch messages that define the narrative on your terms
  • Design and execute media tours

In all our dealings with both clients and the wider industry and media, Agilis seeks to become a trusted
resource of information. We like to see ourselves relationship brokers for the all parties that could be impacted
by a technology, business or policy issue. Our value and priority is always for our clients. However, we
believe that client value increases with the trusted relationships of the contacts we maintain on our clients’

Event Production and Participation

  • We produce internationally recognized events, conferences and executive summits that may or may not be open to journalists or the public. Our expertise is in understanding the content that needs to be shared, picking the right venue, and getting the right audience to attend.
  • Unlike a speaker placement service, we drive the actual content and agenda at industry events and often participate in advisory meetings or place clients on advisory councils for industry events. We bring together the key stakeholders and thought leaders for a given discipline.
  • We manage client speaking programs around the globe, including the creation of technical, marketing and regionally relevant presentations that map to the mission, strategic and tactical goals of the organization.

Website Development

We construct well-written, navigable websites using a variety of media formats including audio,
video and animation.

Project Management

  • We work directly with clients to define the goals and objectives, identify and assign tasks, assess required resources and create reasonable timelines for all phases of your project
  • With more than 15 years of project leadership, we bring the project in on time, on budget and on message.

Our Partnerships

Agilis brings deep experience with a variety of technology, non-profit and lifestyle clients across the globe. We maintain relationships with event producers, marketing and PR firms, analyst firms and media contributors from San Francisco to Singapore, London to Hong Kong. Combined with our network of former clients and industry leaders, Agilis establishes and maintains relevant relationships for your organization. This is one of the most significant contributions Agilis offers for your communications efforts.

Our ultimate goal for ourselves and our clients is to become a trusted and insightful resource for understanding the landscape of the industries and sectors we represent.

Corporate and Technology

Non Profits & Social Causes

Lifestyle & the Arts

Our Team

Led by Stephen Jones and Bobby Fraher, the Agilis Team brings together individuals with a commitment to providing high quality customer service and reliable execution, together with a well studied understanding of your organization and its position in the market. Our offices are in San Francisco, and we have a federated network of partners around the globe who support the marketing and communications needs of our clients. Whether you are a local retailer, a multi-national company launching a new product, or you just need an ongoing marketing program for your organization, Agilis offers a unique working model of virtual global resources that achieve high impact at the global or the local level.

Stephen Jones, Principal

Stephen JonesStephen brings more than 15 years of marketing and communications experience to his work at Agilis Communications.

As an integrated team member for his clients, Stephen brings the significant strength and experience of the full Agilis Team to his work, and has extensive experience in enterprise software and mobile technology. Stephen believes that good communications requires an intimate understanding of a product or an organization. Often working at the Director or C-level with his clients, Stephen becomes the ideal deputy for your leadership team, translating your goals to his team for quality results from a variety of team members.

Beyond technology, Stephen has also worked independently doing strategic messaging and positioning for the non-profit sector, including education, health care and the elimination of poverty. Stephen currently serves on the Alumni Council of Phillips Academy, Andover, and serves as a sponsor of the annual World Press Photo exhibition for the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bobby Fraher, Principal


Bobby Fraher brings experience in the international banking industry and small business management to his work. Starting his career in merchandizing for Benetton in the early ’90s, Bobby has a unique ability to blend an understanding of business challenges with the requirements of maintaining the visual and narrative components associated with brand management.

IMG_1176.JPGBobby has spent more than 15 years honing his skills in communications, content production and account management. He is responsible for the direct day-to-day management of the teams that support Agilis clients. He has a proven acumen in navigating the cultural nuances of international business, and he prides himself on his handling of client relationships. His commitment to the quality of his work and the performance of his teams make him an invaluable asset to Agilis clients.

Prior to launching Agilis, Bobby worked in-house and as a consultant, representing clients in the mobile technology, institutional asset management, publishing and lifestyle sectors. He currently serves a sponsor of the annual World Press Photo Exhibition for San Francisco Bay Area.