Understanding who you are and how you fit in the world are crucial to telling an effective story. The greatest value we bring to the table is crafting messages that differentiate and best describe you. We know how to position you and create new markets for disruptive and innovative ideas.


We tell stories using formats and platforms that work best for you and the audience you are trying to reach. Whether you are building a Website, scripting a new video or creating a presentation for investors, Agilis works directly with each contributor, managing all aspects of design and production.


Sell it. Pitch it. Market it. We build and execute killer marcom plans to make sure you reach the right audience in the right venue. Media and analyst strategies, social and digital tactics, events and conferences - we know what it takes to get you seen and recognized. We measure results and adjust efforts from lessons learned.



We understand mobile apps and infrastructure, data and how to leverage it, GPS services and the Internet of Things. We have launched software as a service that manages customs procedures, built teams that produce events across the globe, and driven media strategy around the achievement of 1.4 billion deployments of service enablers in mobile devices. Understanding how technology solves business problems is actually fun for us. Just ask us to tell you a story.


Agilis loves building communities and driving awareness of issues around education, healthcare, food and food policy, and the elimination of poverty. Our packaging and merchandizing for small businesses includes logos and illustrations in the pet industry and animation for commercial fleets. We've produced art and music exhibitions, and we get a kick out of seeing our messaging in action. You can see it today in retail food companies as well as community service organizations.


Stephen Jones                                  STRATEGIC DIRECTOR

Stephen brings more than 20 years of professional communications experience creating and executing innovative marketing and media plans. He is an extraordinary collaborator in messaging and identity development as well as team building. An ideal deputy for your leadership team, Stephen translates strategic goals into highly successful programs and works directly with teams to build stronger communities and organizations.

Bobby Fraher                                    CREATIVE DIRECTOR

Starting with merchandizing for Benetton in the 90's, Bobby has the awesome ability to fold business strategy into the visuals and narratives that make up an integrated marketing and communications effort. He works as an editor and publisher, design lead or program manager. Bobby motivates team members that need to become content producers, finds and manages creative talent when it's needed, or just gets the job done himself.

what our clients say

Agilis increased our regional presence and expertise, using Web designers and content producers in local markets. They developed strong relationships with press and analysts from Sydney to Singapore, Moscow to Amsterdam, London to the US Market... Stephen and Bobby and their international team of contacts are an extremely valuable asset in understanding how to deploy resources and build new relationships.

Jari Alvinen, Director, Head of Privacy and Security Compliance, Nokia Technologies



The Agilis Team was instrumental in helping the Bi-Rite Family of Businesses articulate a brand vision and core value statement. Without their passion, commitment and deep engagement, we would still be struggling with our identity and not be where we are today.

Sam Mogannam, Owner,

 Bi-Rite Market


Agilis was able to help us identify the right language and messages to help position our API program in the broader applications market... Based on their knowledge of the global applications market as well as the industry verticals entering the M2M space, we developed more relevant and compelling marketing collateral, public presentations and PR outreach than we would have on our own.

Musa Unmehopa, Senior Director Intellectual Property and Standards, Philips




These guys are smart, elegant and definitely agile! They bring a diversity of client and employment experience, knowledge of a wide variety of industries, and acumen for delving deeply into and understanding new concepts and technologies.

Laura Sutphen, Executive Director Corporate Communications, Golin